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How’s it hangin’?

Another pic of my work in a collector's home. <3 Stairwells and landings seem a popular location for my larger pieces :)


How’s It Hangin’?

I love when buyers send me pics of my work in their homes. In this case, the same print with two different treatments. Thank-you benefactors and benefactresses! <3


Found this lovely frame at the Opus Framing year end sale. The original antique frame I found nestles in to it so cozily. I have a fairly vast collection of antique frames and received a glazer’s gun for my birthday (thanks mom!) They’re a great way to upcycle, recycle and customize the setting for my work. But don’t expect to save money. They can often be more costly than buying new.


I love when collectors send me pics of my work hanging in their home. <3